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well, livejournal, you've finally done it. if i'm forced to use the 'new version' of the friends page, i'm officially out and over to dreamwidth. surely there's a way to read my lj friends list over there somehow. and i know i've said OOP MOVING TO DREAMWIDTH before it seems a million times, but my laptop doesn't have the ram/memory/whatever to support endless scroll, so i won't be able to check my friends list on lj. just as i can't scroll through tumblr with endless scroll enabled. and you know, even if i did have a super fast internet connection and plenty of space, I STILL WOULDN'T WANT IT. ugh, smh to the person who invented it. [edit: to complain, go here. not that livejournal even bothers to listen to its non-russian users anymore.]

unrelated but equally if not more important:

stay safe, you hurricane endangered peeps! <333

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I assume you have the same sn on dreamwidth? I kind of want to follow you there, too!

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yulp. actually technically i'm sitting on like 4 dreamwidth accounts, but everything in this one gets backed up to the journal of the same name over there periodically. Follow there at will!

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Like you, My computer can't handle the endless scrolling down like on Tumblr. I'd get too annoyed with it. I don't know if I could stick around on LJ if we are forced to use the new friends page like that.

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I really don't think LJ even cares that it inconveniences its users anymore. It's really sad. :/

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They probably don't. I read an article that said that they really don't have too many people working in the US office for LJ.

As long as LJ users are willing to continue to buy paid accounts or pay for extra icon usage.

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I'm really worried about the upcoming changes. I'm scared for what they mean for my LJ future. :(

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Me too. I mean, there have been a lot of changes LJ has made in the recent past that I was pretty upset about, but nothing that really changed my day to day viewing of the site (or what did, I've got userscripts to change it back to the old) but this just seems too big and wrong to be able to adapt to.