alwaysenduphere: (dean//today's the day to say okay)
alwaysenduphere ([personal profile] alwaysenduphere) wrote2012-10-30 05:17 am


well, livejournal, you've finally done it. if i'm forced to use the 'new version' of the friends page, i'm officially out and over to dreamwidth. surely there's a way to read my lj friends list over there somehow. and i know i've said OOP MOVING TO DREAMWIDTH before it seems a million times, but my laptop doesn't have the ram/memory/whatever to support endless scroll, so i won't be able to check my friends list on lj. just as i can't scroll through tumblr with endless scroll enabled. and you know, even if i did have a super fast internet connection and plenty of space, I STILL WOULDN'T WANT IT. ugh, smh to the person who invented it. [edit: to complain, go here. not that livejournal even bothers to listen to its non-russian users anymore.]

unrelated but equally if not more important:

stay safe, you hurricane endangered peeps! <333

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