alwaysenduphere: (avengers//cap&bucky//band of brothers)
alwaysenduphere ([personal profile] alwaysenduphere) wrote2012-11-05 10:16 am

remember remember........[to vote!!!]

AMMURRICANS! Election season is almost over! [thank goodness.] Please, please don't think that your vote doesn't count. If you are registered, GO VOTE TOMORROW! If you've not been paying attention or if you're still not sure which of the candidates are your best fit, please check out: and

preferably for Obama ;)

Also! Happy Guy Fawkes Day, people of Britain. I hope you have fun burning your effigies and shooting off fireworks and whatever else actually happens on Bonfire Night idk idk i'm a clueless american. Alas, in the spirit of giving and because I can, I thought I'd offer up the ten issues that make up V for Vendetta if anyone wanted to read them. So, in one handy mediafire folder: V for Vendetta by Alan Moore.

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