Sep. 5th, 2012

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I don't always make one of these posts, though I think I did last year, but it occurred to me that I've added a decent amount of friends lately and that I often talk about only two or three shows on a regular basis, but I watch many more, and sometimes people are thrown when I'm like "Oh I know what you're talking about."

Plus I mean, this is me totally procrastinating on attempting to finish a draft for [ profile] marvel_bang so, there's that. Nope, forget it, attempt is over, I am done trying to write things longer than I am comfortable writing.

Firstly, I use this app to keep track of all my shows, as I mostly don't watch them as they air and they do tend to pile up and I forget what I've seen and haven't seen, it's very easy to just check them off when I'm done. I don't really use the renewal/cancellation guide part of the app, but it's also there.

Using this website as a guide, thank youuu [ profile] radiophile for the link.

Shows already airing

Leverage - Leverage is one of those shows I'm not terribly attached to (I've missed two episodes this season) and I don't pay close attention to, but at the same time it's a feel good show that I love watching. I'm not upset when it goes on hiatus and I'm not super excited when it comes back, but I'm always gonna be amused watching it.

White Collar - I feel a similar way about White collar as I do Leverage, I mostly just watch superficially and don't think too much into it, but I do look forward to these episodes every week and I do have an emotional attachment to Neal Caffrey.

Doctor Who - This has just returned and I was...'meh' at the premiere. It neither disappointed me nor astounded me. But I am not a proper Whovian as there are still episodes of 9 and 10 I have never seen, and I like both those Doctors far better than 11, and I have seen all of his episodes.

Longmire - I guess technically this has ended for the season, I've been watching it in chunks several episodes at a time. I doubt I'd be watching it if it wasn't a summer show, as I have enough things to juggle throughout the year, but it's got Katee Sackhoff and the dynamic contrast of Indian Rez police to local cowboy police is one that never fails to interest me.

Returning shows

9/11 - Sons of Anarchy - I am ridiculously excited for this show to come back. Last season was up and down, but also pretty edge of the seat gripping at some points, and I'm so excited to see how Jax handles being the Prez and Tara steps into the role of HBIC and just THE DRAMAAAA DUN DUN DUN I love these fucking assholes.

9/24 - Castle - Another show I am not terribly emotionally attached to and do not think too much about because it is horribly flawed and predictable, but. Nathan Fillion. I'm sure they're going to do something awful to create drama between Castle and Beckett again this season, but just putting them together in the finale made me a happy person all summer.

9/27 - Grey's Anatomy - Honestly I'm not sure why I watch this show anymore, either. Obligation, a lot, but I still do care about the characters and I haven't met a show that made me cry this consistently in a long time. And last season's finale LEXIE ;___; so I'm excited to see the PTSD following that.

9/29 - Merlin - FINALLY we get to the King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table of myth. I am super excited for the potential of this season, but if it's just more "Merlin saves Arthur and covers so Arthur thinks he's an idiot" gags and Arthur doesn't find out about the magic soon, I'm done.

9/30 Once Upon A Time - Last season was very up/down for me and there are a ton of things I didn't like, but...Sebastian Stan. And I was a bit shocked that magic DID return at the end, so I'm curious to see what the plotline for S2 will be.

10/3 - Supernatural - While the plot summary for S8 does not give me warm fuzzies, I am sticking this show out for as long as I can. That's that.

10/14 - The Walking Dead - MICHONNE *____*

Game of Thrones - Just. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS
Lost Girl - Sucked into this show earlier this year. Season one was pretty awesome, Season two actually was a huge let-down by the end, but Dyson has his love back now and Kenzi is still the best Kenzi so.
Shameless - FUCKING GALLAGHERS. Love this show, but also in a "don't think to hard about it" way.

New Shows

9/17 - Revolution - Honestly the plot sounds a little mediocre, though the concept is certainly most relevant to my interests. The trailers for it leave a little to be desired, as well, (not to mention it's on NBC) but its got the Abrams/Kripke/Favreau trifecta behind it, so I'm definitely giving it a shot.

9/27 - Elementary - I don't know if I'll give this a shot. I've never actually been all that into Sherlock Holmes before the BBC show and RDJ's face in the movies, so the draw at the plot isn't really there. Also I don't like Lucy Liu (i know, blasphemy.) Also I'm already annoyed with how this show is EVERYWHERE I look and it hasn't even premiered yet thanks for ruining it for me. But I've also heard good things, so I might give it a shot.

10/10 - Arrow - Everything I know about Green Arrow I learned from Justin Heartley and Wikipedia. But you hand me a show about a badass archer AND stick John Barrowman in it, and I'll be watching.

10/10 - Nashville - I don't know about this one, but I think I'm gonna try it out at least for a few episodes.

2013 - Dracula - ?? I've heard nothing about this and it's on NBC so that's potential for fail right there, but I'm also intrigued by a tv show about Dracula so. I'll be looking for more info.

Other shows I watch not on the list
- Legend of Korra - Sorely disappointe by the reveal of Amon last season and Korra getting all her Avatar powers back, but also looking forward to a fresh start in S2.
- Whatever Avengers cartoon replaces Earth's Mightiest Heroes (RIP ;___;)
- Downton Abbey - COME BACK TO ME
- BBC Sherlock - COME BACK TO ME

Shows I don't think I'll be watching

10/2 - Hart of Dixie - I haven't watched the last three episodes from last season. It was a cute show and I love Rachel Bilson, but I don't have time for a show in which I think all the characters are stupid.

10/17 - American Horror Story - I may give this one a try, idk, it'll depend on word of mouth, but I am not actually one for horror stories, so probably not. I only got sucked in to last season because of Tate and Violet, a storyline that went WAAAAAAAAAY the other direction of what was comfortable, which was nice.

winter 2012 - Misfits - Nope, done with this show. While I'll admit, the follow-through of Simon and Alisha's story was a nice surprise, the departure of them and Kelly is enough to make me stop watching. I did not like Rudy and I do not like Curtis. Done.

Shows I'll watch on Netflix and am therefor always a season behind on but still care about
Vampire Diaries

Shows my parents watch that I sometimes catch episodes of and still have some clue about
The Mentalist - Simon Baker let me love you.
The Good Wife
Criminal Minds
NCIS - The season premiere for this looks wicked. DUCKY ;__;
Hawaii 5-0

Yep, that's a lot to keep up with. I don't know how people watch so many shows. And m god this post took forever.


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