Sep. 13th, 2012

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Reading this mildly interesting article on whether or not Marvel's Avengers movie universe was worth it or not, got to this part:
(*An alternate opening to Incredible Hulk also features a sequence of Bruce Banner in the Arctic attempting to kill himself, but instead triggering The Hulk (remember that anecdote from Avengers?). The enraged Hulk smashes a glacier, inadvertently breaking open the ice containing Captain America. Go HERE for a look at that moment.)
Much like Cap's shield on Tony's desk in IM and Coulson handing it to him in IM2, I am fascinated at just how much thought they put into these fucking movies.

Other fascinating things:
- Deadpool vs Gangnam Style is the actual best thing.

- This girl can say any word backwards in a matter of seconds. FUCKING WIZARD. [h8 tumblr's video player]

Um um to finish this post, let's do a fic rec because we caaaaaan. [oh god i have so many things i want to rec but i'll just pull out a few.]

- lords of kobol, hear my prayers is a avengers/battlestar glactica fusion in which carol danvers is kara thrace, only well, not really. i can't really explain it but it is wonderful and i love carol and i love carol/tony which is a thing that doesn't exist like, anywhere on the internet and only in like, two issues of comics, but i love them so so much.

- Handsome and the Hulk is a tony/hulk beauty and the beast au that's equal parts amusing and sad with all the elements that make beauty and the beast a classic story while still keeping the characters themselves.

- Fragments of a Different War okay look, fics set during Civil War is like my kryptonite I'm default set to love 90% of them. This one is a non-linear What If piece that has Tony and Steve being a couple changing the entire course of the timeline.

- I’ll remember best of all, all the things we didn’t say is a tony/steve set during Dark Reign, after Iron Man World's Most Wanted, during the parts of Stark Disassembled where Tony is brain dead. Basically GROSS SOBBING DON'T READ THIS ONE UNLESS YOU WANT A GOOD CRY definitely probably the saddest fic i've read in this fandom so far, one of those that lingers with you long after you've read it, literally cried in the shower for like fifteen minutes after reading it, but it is wonderful and gorgeous and if you do need a good cry, this is it.

- no one laughs at god in a war (no atheists in foxholes) is a short and lovely second person fic (of which this fandom is lacking!!! wish i could fill it but fml!!) chronicling tony and steve's [almost]last moments with some of their first moments together.

Lastly, meme! from [ profile] radiophile

Post a comment and I will...
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2. Associate you with something.
3. Tell you something I like about you.
4. Tell you a memory I have of you.
5. Associate you with a character/pairing.
6. Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
7. Tell you my favourite userpic of yours.
8. Tell you Strongly suggest that you must post this in your own journal.


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