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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Well, here we are! After years of seeing these letters crop up on my friends list, I have finally decided to take the plunge, and you, my lovely writer, get to make me super happy I decided to participate! No pressure though, seriously, I'm fairly easy to please and I'm sure whatever you write for me will be fantastic. I'm excited to read whatever it is you choose to write, as we share an interest in a fandom that definitely needs more written about it!

Obviously everything written here is completely optional, but I want this letter to be as helpful as possible, just in case you're not overcome with ideas (if you are, pay this letter no mind!) Most of all, I thank you in advance for whatever it is you write me, and I look forward to reading it. <3

In General:

I LOVE angst. I probably have a problem with how much I love to see characters in uncomfortable situations. Good characterization makes anything worth reading. I like hopeful endings, but they don't have to be happy. I like realism, even in ridiculous settings. I enjoy first times/last times, origin stories/first meetings, dark!fic and horror, bdsm and all forms of painplay, dystopias/post-apoc, westerns, general disfunctionality, domestic angst, polyamory, genderswap, vignettes, moral ambiguity, hurt/comfort, humor in the face of crushing defeat, the list probably goes on. I have no problem with slash, het, or gen, all three are fantastic. I need my porn to have a bit of plot and my schmoop to have a healthy dose of angst on the side. And though I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, I get a little thrill every time I stumble across a good 2nd person pov fic because I love, love, love it. I'm not easily squicked or triggered, and in fact I often seek out stories that other might find uncomfortable to read.

Dislikes are pretty easy, I'm not fond of crack or pure schmoop, and pwp and most AUs are not often my thing. Crossovers are wonderful, but they have a time and a place, and I would prefer not to have them in these fandoms. I do not like first person POV, and although this is a Christmas exchange, I'm not terribly fond of the holiday itself, so I would prefer no mention of it in fic.

Any rating is fine.

If it helps at all, here is a link to my Delicious account and my pinboard account. I think what these will mostly help with is showing the wide variety of tags I keep, though. ;p

Fandom-specific requests!

1. Political Animals - Doug/TJ
Some twincest is just all I need, really. Would love a first time scenario, or the moment TJ realizes he's gay/in love with his brother, UST galore. I would also like to see more of TJ influencing Doug a la the Ecstasy scene where Doug proposes to Anne. Any and all threesomes are welcome, as long as Doug/TJ are part of the pairing. Would also not mind just a childhood "they're so close" story from an outsider POV. If incest is not your thing, I would also be perfectly happy with a series of brotherly moments, or any number of 'what-if' scenarios (specifically: what if TJ had died, what if TJ had never been forced to come out, what if they were never in the White House, the list goes on.)

2. Talents series by Anne McCaffrey
Honestly, I will take A N Y T H I N G for this. This was one of my favorite book series growing up (as was most of Anne McCaffrey's work) and seeing it on the list for Yuletide brought back so many memories of reading it over and over again. I honestly doesn't remember many plot details about the series, it's been SO LONG since I read it, but I know I loved Damia like nobody's business. I have no specific requests for this one at all, I really do just want to read something new in this verse.

3. Revolution - Miles/Charlie
This show is still shiny and new, and quickly building momentum and uh, plot that isn't rather dull. It's grown on me a bit like kudzu and these two and their FAMILY dynamic is what makes the whole show tic (or at least, it's what's supposed to make the whole show tic, since it is a Kripke show and all.) I would love any type of fic showing that bitter and snarky banter between the two leading into something more like gentle camaraderie, teacher/student dynamic with each of them learning from each other at points. Would also love angry hate!sex or any number of hurt/comfort situations where Miles is not the one in charge. Anything that makes Charlie stronger than she often comes across on the show. Charlie isn't as world-weary and war-trained as Miles, but she's certainly no damsel in distress.

4. Sons of Anarchy - Jax/Tara, Gemma
ALLL THE ANGST. What this show does best is balance the crushing angst wall with little snippets of humor and familial love. I love all the characters except Clay and Juice and anything centering on the love/family theme that the show does so well would be fantastic. Specifically I would love a series of vignettes of the quiet moments between Jax and Tara, from their first time, to Sunday dinner, to waking up after a long night, to quiet passionate sex so as to not wake the kids, to the first time Jax changed Thomas' diaper, things like that, just any quiet family moments. Alternatively, I would also love a Gemma character piece centered around her state of mind after what happens to her in episode 5.06 with regards to her sexual assault in season two.

I hope this post helps you, and I look forward to whatever you choose to write! :)



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