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I can't go a day without Supernatural!

01. Name your favorite show that an actor from Supernatural has been on (other than Supernatural) Man, I loved Jensen back when he was on Days of Our Lives. But favorite wise, Dark Angel, hands down.

02. Name an actor that you'd like to see on Supernatural.
Eliza Dushku! Can you imagine her in a scene with Dean and Sammy? HAWT.

03. Name an actor you wouldn't like to see on Supernatural.
Hayden Panettiere. She totally wouldn't fit in.

04. What idea do you have for a future episode of Supernatural that hasn't been done yet?
Hmm...Well, I really wanted to know more about Ruby's past, but I don't think that matters much anymore. So, I guess I'd like to see an episode with a little bit of the time Dean and Sam had away from each other when Sam was at school.

05. Name an episode that you can - and do - quote fromI
Psh. Like every one of them. Recently I've been saying "These aren't the droids your looking for" from Simon Said, but that's more of the Star Wars nerd combined with the SPN nerd in me. So how bout "I like him, he says okey dokey." I say okey dokey all the time.

06. Have you been to any Supernatural related con events, and if so, which ones?
No. I'm too poor. I was gonna go to Chicago this year, but I don't have $400 to spare.

07. What song do you wish they'd play on the Supernatural that would fit with the current music theme?
Here I Go Again-Whitesnake.
That's just a spur of the moment choice. I'm sure I could come up with something better with thought...

08. Name an episode you'd encourage everyone to watch
I think you have to watch the show in order to really appreciate it, but the best episodes to showcase are All Hell Breaks Loose, both parts. And What Is and What Should Never Be. disc 6 of season 2 is just my favorite. Although I like In My Time of Dying too.

09. Do you own any of the Supernatural season - and if so - which ones?
I have one and two, although I didn't buy them myself.

10. Name an actor who launched his/her entertainment career in another medium, but has surprised you with their performance to date on Supernatural
It was really weird to see Tricia Helfer as anything other than a blonde bombshell Cylon. I thought Roadkill was a really neat standalone episode.

11. What is your favorite Supernatural episode, and why?
I think I kinda answered that in number 8. But I also like "Faith" from season 1. Season two is just kinda amazing all around(see number 8 + and then include "Heart") and season 3 is Mystery Spot, hands down. Although Dream a Little Dream of Me and The Kids are Alright were good as well.

12. Do you like any of the movies that Jensen/Jared have been in - and if so - which ones?
haha. Uhm...they do kinda...sketchy movies. Cry_Wolf wasn't TOO bad, but I purchased it off eBay for like...$4 if that tells you anything. I've seen bits and pieces of New York Minute, but uh, yeah, Olsen Twins is a no-go. I'd like to see Ten Inch Hero, if it ever gets released. I have a feeling I'd like It. But the boys tend to pick...cheesy, odd movies, to say the least.

13. Would you ever consider not watching Supernatural due to clash of religious or personal beliefs?
Please. And miss out on the action?

14. Name an episode that made you cry.
Heart! Also the beginning of All Hell Breaks Loose pt 2 and the end scene in Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things. Surprisingly, I didn't cry when Dean died, though.

15. Do you have a Supernatural ritual? aka. Specific foods, pillows to cuddle, box of kleenex?
Other than forcing everyone I know to watch it? Nope.

16. Are you willing and able to watch Supernatural every week?
willing, yes! Able...It's on the same time as Grey's. And we don't get the CW at home. But I record it at school!

17. Do you wish there were more shirtless scenes of the boys?
Well, considering the show's not set in California where it's always warm, I don't think they should have their shirts off every scene, but I'd like more gratuitous chests. :P

18. What about the show makes you like it so much? (and yes, you can say the boys)
Uhm...everything? I like the storylines, the interaction between the brothers, the acting, the not-acting in some cases, the CAR, Sammy's Bitch Face, Bloody Dean...that's off the top of my head.

19. Would you consider yourself obsessed with Supernatural?
Noooooooo.....*twiddles thumbs and whistles offkey*

20. Do you own any other Supernatural paraphernalia besides the seasons?
Do I? I don't...think so...

21. What was generally the weirdest episode to date?
Bugs. Forget the obvious flaws in the chronology, the boys didn't solve the case! A curse can't be solved? BAH.

22. What episode scared you the most?
Asylum. I'm with Jensen, abandoned crazy houses are scary.

23. What episode made you laugh the most?
Bad Day at Black Rock, of course. It was made for laughs. Although I laughed a lot at Mystery Spot, even though the overall ep is a serious one.

24. If you had to pick another show to have a crossover with Supernatural, which would it be?
Buffy! It'd work so well. I think Heroes would work well too.

25. How many seasons do you think the show will last? (and 'forever' isn't really an option *grin*)
I think Kripke's 5 year plan is a good one, although I'm a big believer in the 7 year run. I think 7 years is the perfect length for any and every good show.

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