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Doctor Who:


"You think you'll just come back to life?" "When don't I?" GROSS UGLY SOBBING;_________________;

I really really really hate the weeping angels. Statues gave me the wiggins as a kid enough as it is and now the angels have only perpetuated that. I was seriously freaked out throughout a good portion of this episode FUCKING BABY ANGELS and just when you think things can't get any creepier the fucking STATUE OF LIBERTY ("I always wanted to visit the Statue of Liberty. I guess she got impatient." LOL)aughhhhh nightmares.

At least they're together in the end, right? Who cares about the Doctor, Rory and Amy are what it's all about. (LOL I remember when they first became companions I thought Rory was stupid and Amy was rude and obnoxiously annoying. I CAN'T ;______;)

I did not find Elementary all that engaging, though there were a few moments where it shined. Will keep watching for now, as long as I don't have as much trouble streaming it as I did today. My laptop doesn't seem to want to stream things at all anymore. I hate downloading everything but it seems that might be my last option.

Revolution makes me l o l. The writing is pretty awful and stilted and the whole family/IT WAS MY JOB TO PROTECT HIM thing just does not work for me like it did with Sam and Dean. Billy Burke is fantastic though and Miles is most definitely the only reason I am willing to continue giving this show a try.

I'm trying to watch 25 shows right now. It's not working out for me so well so far. We'll see.

This has been an update. Happy October, everyone!

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Revolution is like Heroes to me. I don't know why I'm watching, but I know I will never stop.... lol

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It made me sad. Even though I know Rory & Amy are together and etc.

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25! Wow! :)

Man, no one I've talked to has liked Revolution. I may just delete it off my DVR unseen; I don't want to waste my time. :p

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Oh man, I just watched a behind-the-scenes video that included how they filmed the part where Rory and Amy are falling off the building - and even just a few seconds clip of that scene had me close to bursting into tears again.

Hm, first impressions: I actually liked Amy right from the beginning. Rory, on the other hand - I also thought he was kind of boring or something. I do remember that I thought "Well of course Amy'll choose to run off with the Doctor!" But Rory really grew on me. And I loved them as a trio once that became solidified, and Rory stopped being jealous-guy. : )

I'm going to miss them tons! I don't think I can re-watch their last episode for a good long while. Too many feels. But I'll probably start re-watching other episodes to pass the time until Christmas.


I haven't even counted how many shows I'm watching right now. Tonight Supernatural joins the list again.

Happy October to you too!

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I love Elementary so much! I hope you start adoring it as much as I do!