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remember remember........[to vote!!!]

AMMURRICANS! Election season is almost over! [thank goodness.] Please, please don't think that your vote doesn't count. If you are registered, GO VOTE TOMORROW! If you've not been paying attention or if you're still not sure which of the candidates are your best fit, please check out: and

preferably for Obama ;)

Also! Happy Guy Fawkes Day, people of Britain. I hope you have fun burning your effigies and shooting off fireworks and whatever else actually happens on Bonfire Night idk idk i'm a clueless american. Alas, in the spirit of giving and because I can, I thought I'd offer up the ten issues that make up V for Vendetta if anyone wanted to read them. So, in one handy mediafire folder: V for Vendetta by Alan Moore.

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♥ to you for sharing these resources! :) I sent off my write-in ballot a few weeks ago, and it's a good thing I did because my actual absentee ballot STILL hasn't arrived in the mail :P

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Heee, I have been spamming these links everywhere I can because they really are helpful and I'm still hearing so many people who don't really understand the different party stances. Though according to the isidewith one, I should be voting Green party but eh, what can you do.

Yay for voting! I wonder what happened to your absentee ballot though, that's a bit annoying.

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omg. yoinking V for Vendetta - thank youuuuu this is exciting! :D I've never seen the movie even, I really wanna read this.

Washington state votes via mail now - like entirely by mail except for a few emergency-type polling stations. Wild! So I voted. And I'm hoping I go two-for-two in voting for the winner :) yayyyy obama!

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I have mixed feelings about the movie, but it is gorgeous to watch.

Indiana allows early voting in person, and I think I did that in 2008 for president, but this year I'm choosing to go to the polls and vote electronically so we shall see how that goes! <3

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I have this friend who quotes it too much XD Dystopia stories are great though.

good luck! I get so scared about these stories about voter repression in Florida and suspect Ohio machinery/software :( somehow the US goes on putting itself at the peak of democracy when the 2000 fiasco happened and now this, which looks an awful lot like the voter machine fraud in Mexico a couple of their pres. elections ago. SORRY I didn't mean to worry-dump in your post, gah. Yes yay I hope voting electronically goes well for you :) :) :)

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I'm happy that you made this entry. Voting is SO important!