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PINNED: Ask Me Anything

Got some burning question you wanna know my answer to? Or wanna pester me about what I had for breakfast? Anything and anyone is welcome, and anonymous posts are fine if you'd like.

(this falls under the "why not, comments are fun" category)

Ask Away!


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What was the first fandom you were really invested in?

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Hmm. Well, my mom was always big on Star Trek when I was a kid, to the point of taking us to conventions, and I always had fun and stuff with that. Otherwise, I'd say the first fandom I found myself was Buffy. I can remember trying to adjust the rabbit ears on the TV in order to see it well enough to watch it. :)

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Currently, what CD can you just not stop listening to?

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I'm actually in search of a new CD to listen to in the car, because I've outplayed The Best of Blue Oyster Cult and Journey: Revelation and Journey: Escape. But those are the three I listen to the most right now.

Just music wise, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is the only thing my iTunes has played in like 2 weeks, I swear.

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Just because you mentioned it: Exactly what DID you eat for breakfast? ;)

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Funny you should ask! I don't always eat breakfast, but i was awoken today to the smell of eggs and bacon that my daddy'd made! There was toast, too. :)

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Ooh, that sounds yummy! xD I only had Frosties :(

Your icon is made of awesome! *lol*

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I thought it was a terribly appropriate icon. lol.

Most days I'm lucky if I grab a cup of coffee for breakfast, but on breaks when I'm home, my parents tend to spoil me. XD

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you coming out with mikah and me saturday?

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Uhm, maybe. I honestly haven't felt like going out the last couple days. Just not feeling the bar scene lately. We'll see.

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I'll go with something boring and simple =P Whats your favorite color?

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Royal Blue.


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Lol. I did something similar to this a few posts ago. XD
Are you good with directions? Cause I'm hopeless when it comes to directions.

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They have to be pretty detailed. Usually I follow okay, but I tend to freak out if they're not detailed and think that I've missed something somewhere. But yeah. I'm usually the navigator when I go places with people. I'm much more useful as the passenger than the driver, too.