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I think...I'm bored.

Check out the new Icon.
It amuses me greatly.
Veeery greatly.

1. Five celebrities you currently have a 'liking' for.

A. Jensen Ackles
B. Jared Padalecki
C. Milo Ventimiglia
D. James McAvoy
E. uhm...

2. Three things you look for in a person.

A. Humor
B. Honesty
C. Open-Minded

3. Three TV shows genres.

A. Sci-Fi/Fantasy
B. Drama
C. Horror

4. Three things you would change about yourself.

A. My Weight
B. The direction my life is going.
C. the fact that I'm still pretty dependent on my parents.

5. Three favourite TV shows.

Currently on:
A. Supernatural
B. Heroes
C. Grey's Anatomy

A. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
B. The OC
C. Roswell

6. Three most wanted cars.
(oooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmyyyyyyy)

A. MINI Cooper
B. '67 Chevelle SS
C. ...
A '67 Mustang Fastback in Acapulco Blue, 289 Big Block, 4 Valve, V-8 at 225 HP. It's a sexy beast. And...the car of my dreams gets...17 mpg. sad panda face.

7. Three favourite animals.

A. Wolves
B. Tigers
C. Horses

8. Three favourite colors.

A. Royal Blue
B. Black
C. Pink

9. Two genres of Fan Fiction / Story you would recommend for someone to write.

A. Angst
B. Fantasy

10. Your lucky number.

yay! I'm off to illegally watch Pathology now. Err...I mean...
*crosses fingers* I hope it downloaded right.