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a 'so this is mildly fascinating' post of the day

Reading this mildly interesting article on whether or not Marvel's Avengers movie universe was worth it or not, got to this part:
(*An alternate opening to Incredible Hulk also features a sequence of Bruce Banner in the Arctic attempting to kill himself, but instead triggering The Hulk (remember that anecdote from Avengers?). The enraged Hulk smashes a glacier, inadvertently breaking open the ice containing Captain America. Go HERE for a look at that moment.)
Much like Cap's shield on Tony's desk in IM and Coulson handing it to him in IM2, I am fascinated at just how much thought they put into these fucking movies.

Other fascinating things:
- Deadpool vs Gangnam Style is the actual best thing.

- This girl can say any word backwards in a matter of seconds. FUCKING WIZARD. [h8 tumblr's video player]

Um um to finish this post, let's do a fic rec because we caaaaaan. [oh god i have so many things i want to rec but i'll just pull out a few.]

- lords of kobol, hear my prayers is a avengers/battlestar glactica fusion in which carol danvers is kara thrace, only well, not really. i can't really explain it but it is wonderful and i love carol and i love carol/tony which is a thing that doesn't exist like, anywhere on the internet and only in like, two issues of comics, but i love them so so much.

- Handsome and the Hulk is a tony/hulk beauty and the beast au that's equal parts amusing and sad with all the elements that make beauty and the beast a classic story while still keeping the characters themselves.

- Fragments of a Different War okay look, fics set during Civil War is like my kryptonite I'm default set to love 90% of them. This one is a non-linear What If piece that has Tony and Steve being a couple changing the entire course of the timeline.

- I’ll remember best of all, all the things we didn’t say is a tony/steve set during Dark Reign, after Iron Man World's Most Wanted, during the parts of Stark Disassembled where Tony is brain dead. Basically GROSS SOBBING DON'T READ THIS ONE UNLESS YOU WANT A GOOD CRY definitely probably the saddest fic i've read in this fandom so far, one of those that lingers with you long after you've read it, literally cried in the shower for like fifteen minutes after reading it, but it is wonderful and gorgeous and if you do need a good cry, this is it.

- no one laughs at god in a war (no atheists in foxholes) is a short and lovely second person fic (of which this fandom is lacking!!! wish i could fill it but fml!!) chronicling tony and steve's [almost]last moments with some of their first moments together.

Lastly, meme! from [ profile] radiophile

Post a comment and I will...
1. Tell you why I friended you.
2. Associate you with something.
3. Tell you something I like about you.
4. Tell you a memory I have of you.
5. Associate you with a character/pairing.
6. Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
7. Tell you my favourite userpic of yours.
8. Tell you Strongly suggest that you must post this in your own journal.

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OOOOH lookit the recccs.

Also Meme! Pick mee!

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1. Clint/Natasha friending meme, right? oh i just found the comment, it was definitely the "Name: Lauren or Sam, sometimes Frank Batman of the Wisconsin Batmans. I'm not picky." that got me.
2. I'mm'a associate you with this fic of yours that I have saved to read tonight at work.
3. You're funny and open and you make lots of posts and leave lots of comments and we haven't been friends that long but I am happy to have you as a frienddddd. :)
5. Clint/Tash!
6. What do you consider your first fandom to be?

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1. I HAVE AN ICON FOR THAT! (The Wisconsin Batmans own a Ride-On Lawnmower Company, and Frank Batman married his sweetheart, Al Queda.)

2. Oh dear which one? I didn't do it.


6. That I was obsessive about? Star Trek: TNG. That I participated in? Sailor Moon. That I was GOOD at? Harry Potter.

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this one (, though actually i still haven't gotten around to finishing it.

My cat never did any of the ridiculous cat things you hear about. He was defective. Though he was also a lot easier to control.

Oh man. I never knew what fandom was when I was a kid at Star Trek conventions, but that's definitely where I learned to be obsessive about television. I'm super sad I missed the Harry Potter fandom days. Everyone talks about Remus/Lupin and I'm just like...I'll

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OH HELLO BSG/AVENGERS FUSION. I DO THINK I NEED YOU IN MY LIFE. *______* Also I watched that video of the backwards word girl the other day and still don't understand it omfg.

Me for the meme? :D

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\o/ I really need to rewatch BSG sometime. and srsly there must be some switch in her brain that is not like other brains.

1. GOOD LORD IT'S BEEN FOREVER AGO. SPNP, maybe? Overwhelming love of Winchesters, obviously.
2. lol the spn newsletter is the first thing that comes to mind, ngl. But also a love for the good ole days of spn. And cruise ships, probably much to your chagrin.
3. You crack me up a lot. But also when you're down you say a lot of things that I COMPLETELY understand because I feel the same way sometimes.
4. oh jesus i don't know ;__; THAT ONE TIME WE HATED CASTIEL TOGETHER?
6. BOXERS OR BRIEFS? um no hrmmm. What person in your life do you think has influenced you the most? OH SNAP SRSBSNS QUESTION.
7. I actually really love your default because I miss playing the oboe so frickin much. <3

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OBOESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. My best friend and I were actually just talking about missing band shenanigans. ;_____; I was terrible at oboe but I loved it anyways.

UNEXPECTED SRS QUESTION IS V SRS OMG. Um, probably my mom? Cliche as fuck I know, but she's the one who sort of inspires me to get over and understand my anxiety/depression, because she suffered for so long without treatment. She's also the only one who I can always talk to and I know is willing to try and understand what I'm anxious over, as opposed to just listening.

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Haha, I was so terrible at it at first too, my mom used to lock herself in the bathroom when I practiced so she couldn't hear me. And then after a few years, I was giving lessons and getting praise from all these people and I was so excited I had an instrument that stood out AND that I was good at. I was good at clarinet but there are already so many good clarinet players, you know? Oboe was SO rare.

I wish I had a relationship with my mom like that, I can't talk to her about anything serious hardly at all. :/

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Much like Cap's shield on Tony's desk in IM and Coulson handing it to him in IM2, I am fascinated at just how much thought they put into these fucking movies.

I can't tell you how much I love all of this stuff!

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Right? THE THOUGHT that goes into this stuff. When it comes to television, I often wonder how much is accidental and how much is actually planned seasons in advance, but for a movie like this to think so big, it's pretty amazing. Though from what I understand it also causes some problems between the creative team at Marvel and the director of the movies, as far as getting the right information into the movie.

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YAY FIC RECS! :D ugh oh god i'm holding off on the really sad one because I KNOW it's going to destroy me /o\

and meme me 8D ♥

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I spent the whole fic thinking that it was gonna have a happy ending didn't, not really. So maybe if you're prepared for the ending, it won't be as bad? o.O But OH GOD THE FEELINGS ;__;

1. good lord, did we meet on SPNP or did we meet before that? i don't even remember, you're definitely one of my oldest still-active lj friends, at this point.
2. CANADA! l o l. Also co-dependent brother feels. And bad puns. And Tony feels at awkward times. And Chris Evans, now, apparently.
3. You're witty and thoughtful and you write wonderfully, whether it's fiction or reviews for defective geek or srs bsns posts about gender and equality.
4. Recently, I love that you were looking into absentee voting even though you don't actually live in the US anymore. Distantly I love that one time at VanCon where Misha touched your boob.
5. Neal and Peter! [OBV also Sam/Dean and Tony/Steve]
6. um um um, HOW DO YOU FUNCTION IN REAL LIFE? no okay related question, how do you manage to balance fandom activity with a social life? because it seems like you have all these awesome friends and go out and do fun things, but you're not a ghost online like some people seem to be when they have a rl.
7. sweet jesus you have a lot of icons. dis one, tho HIS FUCKING SMILE. (

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1. I can't remember, either! /o\ I thiiiiink it was via SPNP? :o You were def one of the first friends I made in SPN fandom :D
2. YAY CANADA 8D I'm very pleased to be associated with all of these things 8>
3. Aww... *hugs* :') ♥
4. It's going to be my first time voting, actually! :D I'm excited~ And ahaha oh man, this made me go back and reread my old VanCon post and ahh nostalgia~
5. ALL GOOD OTPS oh man idk if I could ever pick a fave out of those
6. I FUNCTION VERY POORLY TBQH. But hmm... I think it's a combination of things! I've def been VERY lucky to find fandom friends that live in my area. I also have friends who I met through school and stuff who aren't in fandom, but I talk openly about fandom stuff with them because I never try to keep that a secret? Balancing fandom/online stuff with my social/RL stuff is easier (or harder, depending on how you look at it) because for me, these two parts of my life aren't completely separate. My closest friends IRL are just as active online and in fandom as I am. I also have a lot of friends online that I've known for up to a decade (oh god when did I get old), so the only way for me to keep in touch with them is by being active online. My social life isn't super exciting tho XD Most of the time, when my friends and I hang out, we just sit around with our laptops and chat or watch stuff together.
7. LOL I REALLY NEED TO UPDATE MY ICONS they're all still mostly SPN/J2 >.>

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Ahhhh everyone's always talking about how scared they are their rl friends will find out about fandom AND I DON'T UNDERSTAND because everyone I know knows I am a giant nerd, like I don't know how you hide that? Like the other day dildos and spreader bars and rimming came up in conversation and I was like "I read it in fanfic" and no one gave me the side eye, so that's nice. I guess it's just that you do have so many irl friends that are not only comfortable with fandom, are IN it. I wish I had that, it seems nice. I'm really bad at keeping in touch with people too, I don't think I have any friends left that I've known for more than six or seven years. :/